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How much does a typical conversion cost?

The cost of a conversion depends on thae make and model and age of the vehicle.┬áType of equipment used. Venturi system or Gas injection ( vapour/liquid systems). Older style sedan’s approximately $2500. Newer style emission certified sedan’s approximately $4,000.

What cost savings should I get with LPG?

Autogas depending on fuel usage retails for approximately half the price per litre of unleaded petrol. So you could expect a 40% reduction in running costs.

What happens if an autogas vehicle is involved in an accident?

All LPG tanks are rigorously tested and are considerably stronger than conventional petrol tanks. In Australia we have stringent safety standards for autogas vehicles.

All the reputable “after market” installers use the same major tank manufacturers/ suppliers as Toyota, Holden, Mitsubishi and Ford.

Who are you accredited by?

New Gas is an accredited installer for the following companies.
– Toyota
– Mitsubishi
– Ford
– Holden
– Mazda
– Impco Installer & Repairer
– ALPGA, MTA Accredited