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I highly recommend Brian, call Brian and he will give you my number as I am happy to talk to anyone on how well my black BA LPG injected XR6 is going.Regards Victor Tapatas.


Recently, I brought my car in to you when it broke down. You tuned it and changed the filter on the convertor and put plugs and leads in it. The car is a black 2001 XR6 running straight gas and a manual gearbox.

Previously, the car did about 330 km around town on a tank and 520 or so on a country trip. Since you fixed it this is the mileage I have had per tank:

T1.  406km
T2.  423km
T3.  398km
T4.  402km
T5.  549km (Sydney to Kempsey)
T6.  523km (Country)
T7.  525km (Kempsey to Sydney)
T8.  405km
T9.  419km
T10. 426km
Incredible! around town I am getting an extra 80 – 100 km. If someone had told me that was possible I would have said “bullshit”.

A very satisfied customer Gerry Brady



I take a lot of pride in my black BA ZR6 so when I decided to convert to LPG, I was not going to take it to the wrong person, we’ve all heard the stories, bad workmanship, Faulty systems, Over priced, and poor customer backup service.

The best way to overcome being a victim to one of the many shonky LPG mechanics out there was to get referees from people that were happy to recommend to you their LPG installer. The recommendation from most satisfied LPG Conversion customers that I spoke to were for Brian from Newgas at Taren Point.

Living in Bexly I drove past a few LPG workshops on my way to see Brian at Taren Point, but the trip has been worth it. There are no sales pitches with Brian at Newgas, he is a down to earth type of bloke that give you peace of mind by answering ALL of your questions and knowing that he has been established for many years and that he has a good reputation makes you feel at ease that you will be fitted with a reliable LPG system that will give you no problems and you will always be looked after.

So don’t get ripped off, don’t get stressed out, don’t even waste your time, Go and see a proven Performer, go and see Brian from New Gas at Taren Point.

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Brian at Newgas in Taren Point know’s his way around a GRA.

The problem is no one puts jets in the idle or progression tubes. I got my 200/T5/3.23/XE down to 9L/100km highway, 12L/100km around town. It used to do mid 20’s.

They are super rich at idle and off idle without jets.

Spoke to Brian at Newgas/Taren point. Seemed to be aware of some issues in this area, very helpful guy even though he was flat out working he still took the time to have a chat and advise me. Booked it in for this friday with him to go over. I shall keep you all posted. The downside is I gotta take the day off work to drive from where I am to Taren point…..M5……yyaaaayyyy (NOT)

Good Drew directed you to Brian.

He’s super cluey and the nicest guy to deal with. He’s doing my car at the moment and it you will see it there if you go this Friday. He had to set my GRA too as it was out all over the place and not idling well. Couple of adjustments here and there and voila…. idles like magic and revved up too.

He’ll get ya sorted and if he can’t no one can in NSW.

It may just coincide that I may be down there too on Friday if the springs arrive today or tomorrow.

Guys, I can honestly say that Brian at Newgas knows his sh*t. I went to two local LPG guys before him and none of them picked up on the things that he showed me. no more backyard mechanics for me. Although it was a 1 and a half hour drive for me, it was worth it. I gotta go back anyhow cause he needs the car for a couple of days, but I bet this thing will finally haul a s s once it done right through Brian. BTW, saw your car there wes, nice.

OK all, got my wagon back from Brian, let me say this about the guy. Exxxtrreeeeeeemmmly helpful and definitely knows what he is talking about. Got my wagon running much better that ever, I don’t feel he overcharged me and even did a mod that he felt was of benefit to the running of the wagon. I have no problem recommending him to anyone.

Hey buddy. Glad to hear it’s running well. Good thing about Brian is he’s damn curious and damn honest. Best mechanic I have come across in a long time. That he does LPG is a bonus!

Regarding my car, we couldn’t get to idle smooth enough so he thought it was some more adjustments he had to do. He said to leave it with him which I was happy to do as on dyno day it was leaking boost somewhere too. So I remembered the BOV wasn’t plumbed back to the manifold to keep it closed on boost (DOH) after I left.

Anyway, he got curious too and ripped the throttle body off. Turned out to be a bent throttle plate.

I said to hell with it, everything is new on that engine except the TB so I ordered a new one this morning and two sizes larger after speaking to John EZY-10 who said he had no issues running a 480.

That should be on the way in the next couple of days and we’ll slap that on and she should be sweet.