Award Winning LPG Conversion Specialists

Award Winning Automotive LPG Conversion Specialists

NewGas is an authorised LPG conversion and installation specialist established in 1991. We are located at 11/ 2-14 Atkinson Rd Taren Point Sydney.

Brian Newton is the principal owner and operator with over 20 years experience in the gas industry. He was  recently accepted the 2010 LPG Australia and Institute of gas engineers “Award for Excellence” in the Autogas Installaton Category.

Brian has always been interested in alternate energy sources and continues to research and keep updated with his knowledge of alternative fuel systems.

NewGas pride themselves on quality workmanship and have always sought to complete all LPG conversions to a superior standard to appear as if the car were fitted at the original car manufacturer’s factory.  All equipment fitted will give the utmost reliability and performance. NewGas has always been innovative in its approach, sourcing parts from multiple distributors to achieve a better outcome.

We often manufacture parts to our own requirements.