LPG Gas Conversion

With the price of petrol creeping up and up, Australian households now spend about $200 on average a month to fill up the car with petrol.

If you are someone who drives a bit more  – a tradie, or someone who commutes longer distances to work or if you regularly drive on long road trips your total expenditure on fuel could well be more than $600 a month.

With the constant growing world demand and a limited supply, unfortunately for motorists, there seems to be no sign that things will get better in the near future, and fuel prices are likely to be under pressure for some time – so your fuel bill won’t be getting cheaper any time soon.

Add to that:

    • The rising cost of food.
    • Ever increasing water and electricity bills.
    • Demands for increases in rates from your local council.
    • And for some lower family income.

So you, like many savvy drivers, could well be trying to find a way to reduce your motoring costs.

LPG Conversion Is A Real Alternative

In August 2006, the Government announced a $1.6 billion  plan to convert petrol users into Liquid Petroleum Gas users. The LPG vehicle scheme was set up to help private motorists buy  a new LPG vehicle or to convert a new or used vehicle to LPG.

In converting your vehicle to LPG, you need to have an idea about the economic viability of conversion. LPG can cost up to 60% less than petrol. The benefits you get from converting will depend on your car’s fuel usage; the number of kilometres you travel each year; how long you plan to keep the vehicle and the actual cost of conversion.

You also need to know the average petrol and gas prices in your area to be able to calculate the difference between LPG and petrol prices.

Using LPG as motor fuel is a real advantage as it has potential for cost savings. Litre for litre, it is up to sixty percent less expensive than regular petrol. LPG gas conversion may also extend your car’s engine life as well as reduce its exhaust emissions!

LPG Is A Well Developed Alternative To Regular Petrol

You can still continue to use petrol. It does not cost any more money to have your car converted to dual fuel than it does to have it converted to Liquid Petroleum Gas only. Dual fuel gives you the flexibility being able to choose between the two fuel types.

In a duel fuel application, it is important to remember that it is necessary to use some petrol regularly to ensure the petrol system components remain in good working condition..

Benefits Of Liquid Petroleum Gas Conversion

Although it may take a while, gas conversion can pay you back in saving in the long run. This is of course only after you have totally recovered the cost of conversion. For example, if you spend $100 a week on fuel, and you save $50 a week by converting to LPG, your saving will amount to $2600 a year and will pay you back your installation in about two years.

Other benefits gas conversion include:

    • Reduced fuel costs of up to 60%.
    • Smoother car ignition.
    • Reduced engine noise.
    • Government rebate.
    • Excellent safety and performance.
    • Improved combustion.
    • Lower greenhouse emissions.


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